• These flooring planks are real HDF flooring. They carry all the attributes of other engineered HDF flooring except that this type is specially made to click together during installation.
    • Flooring click system is a revolutionary system for installing laminate floors without using glue
    • Interior design in dry and wet environment

    • Harder core for more durability, the strength and hardness of the HDF core make the entire piece of engineered flooring more durable. This means more resistance to dents and other forms of wear and tear, making it one of the greatest advantages of an HDF core in wood flooring.
    • It is close to the natural wood on its ecological properties.
    • Has a large selection of colours, textures and designs.
    • Strength and protection to any property’s elements.
    • Skirting colours collection available same as flooring tiles colours

    • Thicknesses: between 6 – 12mm
    • Measurements: 192×1210 – 192x1380mm

    • See collection:  colours page
    • Possibility of personalizing the product by replacing the decorative paper with a digital print of an image provided by the client

    • Support water-proof COMPACT tiles available on request
    • AC3 31st grade products used in high and low density indoor areas: “Abrasion Resistance (AC3): 23rd grade – 31st grade >= ’3f 2500 EN 13329”
    • Flooring AC4 32nd Grade products used for medium density workplaces and living

    spaces: “Abrasion Resistance (AC4): 32nd grade >= ’3f 4000 EN 13329 EN 13329”