• Chipboard is also known as a practice board. This type of board is made by mixing wood particles with resin and with heat and pressure applied during manufacture a rigid board is created.
    • Furniture manufacturing
    • Interior design in dry environment
    • Kitchen workshops, to make kitchen cabinets, flooring panels, building insulation panels, etc.
    • Door core

    • Can be laminated with IDP (reference p.10)
    • Possibility of applying covering material such as finish foil, PCV film, HPL, etc.
    • Chipboard uses 70-80% recycled wood particles so is good for the environment (no deforestation)
    • It is a very sturdy material and it holds up very well under pressure
    • It can simulate the grain and colour of any type of wood
    • Easy handling, cutting and application, allowing moderate tool wear

    • Thicknesses: between 8 – 45mm
    • Measurements: 1220x2440mm
    • Density 600 – 680
    • E0, E1, E2 formaldehyde emission

    • Water-resistant chipboard support, available on request
    • Fire-retardant chipboard support, available on request
    • Can be modified in order to enhance its properties – this can be done to increase features such as moisture resistance and acoustic insulation
    • Sustainable forest certification (PEFC) available

    EPA TSCA (CARB 2) certificate available