• High Pressure Laminate (HPL) consists of kraft layers impregnated with thermo setting resins and subjected to a high-pressure process consisting in the simultaneous application of heat and pressure.
    • HPL is considered one of the most durable decorative surface material. It performs well in both horizontal and vertical applications, appearing in furniture, cabinets, flooring and wall treatments
    • HPL is often used in both commercial and residential projects, with its high level of impact and abrasion resistance than LPL products, making it great for high traffic areas
    • Postforming laminates are applied to a board or any substrate with specifically formed edges (not sharp and nicely rounded finish), where the laminate can roll over the edges to create a single unbroken laminate face.

    • Because of how HPL is made, allowing it to keep its brightness much longer than other materials
    • HPL is a very safe material, non-toxic, hygenic, anti-bacterial
    • Easy to clean, anti-fingerprints
    • Mold resistant, water repellant, protects against moisture
    • HPL doesn’t become too hot or too cold even when the surrounding temperature changes
    • HPL is non-porous and serves as a barrier against damaging susbtances

    • HPL thicknesses: between 0.4 – 1.2mm
    • Measurements: 1220×2440 – 1220×2800 – 2100x2800mm – custom size upon request
    • Postforming thicknesses: between 0.4 – 0.9mm
    • Measurements: 1220×2440 – 1220x2800mm

    • See collection:  colours
    • Possibility of personalizing the product by replacing the decorative paper with a digital print of an image provided by the client

    • Support in high scratch and abrasion resistant HPL, available on request